We Believe in Training


I.A.R. provides training opportunities while employed throughout the fire season. We believe it is in the best interest for all who work here to have the opportunity to advance in the fire service. Our Certified Instructor on staff has 10 years of experience in the fire service ranging from Structural and Wildland firefighting to even the Medical field. Our Training staff here maintains all records and certifies through the NWSA and NWCG. While training in new skills, you will not only accelerate your way to the top with your education and experience, but it pays to learn more also. When you learn certain critical skills you also advance up the pay ladder. Why you ask? It’s because the more you know, the bigger the asset you become to the I.A.R. Team. Our Training Staff is always offering tailored courses for our personnel thru out the year.  An additional course that will be added to the training package for the 2006 season is a First Responder course which will be offered at the beginning of the season.  We know fighting fire can be stressful and at other times there is the dreaded down time. So how do we combat stress, fatigue and those times when it seems like weeks since the last fire? We encourage our employees to maintain their physical fitness standards by participating in weekly physical training exercises. By maintaining your body you also help to take stresses off your mind, which keeps yourself ready to go and helps to eliminate the fatigue factor. You will be given every opportunity here at I.A.R. to grow. The question is, how far you are willing to excel.


From Our Training Staff here at Initial Attack Resources,


“Staying Safe is by having the Knowledge to do so.”